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Your Financial Countdown When Moving House

Moving house can be a very stressful time, packing and unpacking and making sure that children, pets and prized belongings make it to the new property all take a toll on the nerves. In addition to this, there are a range of small but important admin jobs that need to be done before, during and[…] Read more »

Essential Planning For Retiring Abroad

If your dream retirement is somewhere with more sunshine and less rain than the UK, then it may be time to ask yourself “how will moving abroad affect my pension?” The State Pension You can claim your UK state pension if living abroad, but it will continue to be paid from the UK and in[…] Read more »

Dividend income subject to tax increases from 6 April 2016

Dividend income subject to tax increases from 6 April 2016 It was bound to happen some time… At present there are considerable savings in National Insurance contributions to be made if a minimal amount is paid as salary and any balance of a remuneration package is paid as dividends (particularly for shareholder directors of private[…] Read more »

When Can I Retire?

“How much do I need for my retirement” is arguably one of the most serious questions facing a working-age adult. The answer ultimately depends on two questions. When do you want to retire and what kind of retirement do you want to have? Planning Your Retirement If you want to retire at 55 and spend[…] Read more »

Save Like The Young Ones

Saving for a rainy day is what lets you buy an umbrella to keep you dry until the rain passes. Alternatively you may be saving with a specific goal in mind, for example to buy a house. Like many aspects of life, your saving needs and habits may change as time goes by. If you[…] Read more »

Would You Want A Mortgage In Your 90’s?

Most mortgage borrowers aim to make sure their home loan is paid off by the time they retire. The idea of repaying a mortgage without the regular income that a salary brings is not an attractive option for many. Banks, as a rule, tend to be wary of offering mortgages to older borrowers, knowing that[…] Read more »

Raise Money: Downsize To A Smaller Property

Your current home may well be the place where some of your happiest memories were created. Realistically, however, downsizing may be an excellent way of financing many more. Here is a quick guide to some key questions on the topic. Why should I downsize my home? Home may be where the heart is, but property[…] Read more »

More Accessible Investing With Social Media

  In the past ten years social media has become so all pervading that it seems to have seeped into every area of work and personal life. Dating, socialising, parenting and politics have all undergone the Facebook and Twitter revolutions and now so have finance and investing. A new app has been developed, christened the[…] Read more »

Flood Risk – Check Your Insurance

One of the grim inevitabilities of the winter months in Britain is the prevalence of flooding. Britain has experienced several years of above average rainfall that many scientists attribute to climate change. In 2007, for example, the country was 20 percent wetter during the winter than any other year since records began in 1879. Some[…] Read more »

Get To Grips With Your Pension Lifetime Allowance

As the song goes “I got bills, I gotta pay, so I’m gon’ work, work, work every day.” At some point however, people may want or need to give up going to work every day. Even younger people need to think about how they will pay their bills if they are unable to work for[…] Read more »

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